A Kickstarter for a product called the Kreis Cup has more than doubled its $10,000 goal to create coffee cups out of, well, coffee. Using plant-based materials and coffee grounds, the new company Coffee Kreis has already started manufacturing these coffee cups, which even smell like the wonderful beverage.

Coffee grounds and cup made out of coffee

What’s unique about these cups is that they’re reusable and recyclable, break-resistant and have thermal insulation. And yet they’re made out of what you’re probably putting into these cups: coffee. The Kreis Cup is even dishwasher safe.

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Drink being poured into a cup made out of coffee

By using used coffee grounds collected from coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, the designers of the Kreis Cup say they aim to recycle millions of tons of coffee waste that otherwise would end up in landfills. Acidic leachate runoff from coffee in landfills can cause a particular problem beyond greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, the acid from coffee can damage the soil around landfills.

Two versions of cups made out of coffee

This unique cup also removes plastic and paper waste from landfills by offering a great reusable alternative. So far, the company has kept 120 pounds of coffee waste from ending up in landfills. They’re just getting started. The company also says this amount of waste prevention has stopped 750 cubic meters of methane from being released into the atmosphere. This company is just beginning operations but has already kept 70,000 single-use cups out of landfills.

Cappuccino in a brown cup

So why can you put this in the dishwasher? The reason is that the Kreis Cup is made of a bio-based, biodegradable plastic. Meanwhile, up to 30% of the cup is made of coffee grounds. This gives the cup stability but allows it to decompose quickly, in a matter of months as opposed to the 11 generations it takes most petroleum-based plastics to break down in the landfill.

Best of all, Coffee Kreis is committed to collecting cups at the end of their life to recycle them into new cups, so this product never needs to touch the landfill. Rather, it pulls material out of the landfill and puts it back into use. You can pre-order Kreis cups in a travel cup form with a lid, or as a latte cup and saucer. Pretty cool.

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Images via Coffee Kreis