Mike Basich was one of the early innovators in professional snowboarding, and now he’s leading the way in stylish off-grid living. On his 40 acres of land near Truckee, California, Basich has built himself an incredible 250-square-foot off-grid cabin – almost exclusively from materials he found on his own property. Check out the video above from “Going Off Grid,” to get the webseries’ visual take on Basich’s unique cabin and way of life.

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According to Treehugger, Basich gave up a rock-star lifestyle that included a 4,000 square foot house and spent five years building his tiny cabin from about 175 tons of rock and timber from the surrounding forest. Many parts of the house – such as the fireplace that heats it – were salvaged, and his power is completely generated by solar panels.

What’s more, Basich built the house based on the proportions of the Golden Ratio, in the form of a pentagon, which gives it an intimate and harmonious feeling. He even incorporated the movement of the sun into his design, so that on his birthday, the sun will alight on the center of the living space.

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While he doesn’t have a toilet in the cabin, he does have a hot tub – along with his own chairlift that gives access for Basich and his friends to snowboard on his personal mountain playground that surrounds his cabin.

“I’ve ended up here off the road, off the beaten trail and I’m loving it,” Basich says. “I like to think of it as getting back to the basics of humanity. I like feeling connected to the Earth more than I could with the 4,000 square foot house. It gave me the strength of doing everything myself and the lessons and a childhood dream I wanted to fulfill. That’s what this project, this house was about, was to fulfill a childhood dream.”

Via Treehugger

Image via Going Off Grid screen grab