On July 3rd, a group of explorers started an epic 15-month journey in an uber-green solar-powered taxi. Following a route through five continents and 50 countries, they will travel a distance of around 50,000km. The Solar Taxi took 3 years of development and some of the most cutting-edge solar technologies- and has already made its way through Europe and into the Middle East.

Since their journey commenced over two months ago, they have traveled east of Switzerland through East Europe, the Middle East and into Dubai. It is expected they will reach Jakarta at the end of October, Bali in December, Perth for the New Year, through to Singapore in February, Hong Kong in March and then on via China, Japan and then onto North America and Europe.

The vehicle has been constructed over the past three years and uses the latest in technology. The solar cells are provided by a leading manufacturer of silicon solar cells, Q.Cells, and the batteries are high efficiency ZEBRA batteries, specifically designed for electric vehicles. The Solar Taxi has a lifespan of approximately 200,000 – 300,000km and if mass produced would cost €10,000 ($14,000 / £7,000).

The Solar Taxi team have been documenting their journey over the past few months on their online blog. Unfortunately the English version is limited in text and images, but hop on over to the Swiss version (translated) and there is plenty to read and look at!

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