Dear Inhabitat reader, do you have pets? Pets give us unconditional love, protect us, and keep us warm at night, and all they ask in return is food, water, shelter, and the occasional pat on the head. Unbelievably, there are some who see innocent animals as an outlet for their violent sexual fantasies – in the Philippines, animal activists have been fighting to end the production of animal “crush” videos: disturbing films in which very young girls in “sexy” outfits are videotaped tormenting, abusing, and killing cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals—slowly and painfully. PETA has launched an online petition to ban these horrifying films once and for all – sign it here!


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Members of PETA Asia and other animal rights organizations have been on the ground for more than two years, investigating those responsible for producing these “crush” videos, in which girls step, stomp, skin, burn, and slowly crush innocent animals–all for the sexual gratification of whatever type of person finds these scenes erotic.

According to PETA, “one Philippine couple has been arrested on criminal charges related to making these graphic videos following a year-long PETA Asia investigation undertaken in cooperation with the Philippine National Bureau of Investigation.”

Progress is slowly being made, but help is needed from animal advocates around the world. Please stand up for the animals abused and murdered in these videos by signing PETA’s petition to ban crush videos in the Philippines.

“This is a precedent-setting case that sends a clear message to people around the world: If you make such videos, you will be caught and you will go to jail,” explains PETA. “You can help make sure that this message is heard by Philippine officials by urging the Philippine ambassador to the United States to support proposals to criminalize the sale of “crush” videos in the Philippines.”

+ Sign the petition here

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