A temporary escape from a stressful workday usually means a quick trip to the corner store to get away from your desk and to pick up some healing M&Ms. Putting their employees’ well-being first, Bloomberg’s London office wanted to give their workers a place to easily escape and relax, if even just for a moment. Rather than creating a typical break room, the company went the extra mile and commissioned design team Raw Edges to create the “Pond,” a large seating area where their staff can go to take their lunch break, read a book or just relax and breathe.

The Pond is a curvy, odd shaped circular bench, surrounding a collage of computer screens. The screens display constant animation, including a fantastical child-like rendition of pond life. Frogs jump from screen to screen, ducks swim around the perimeter and dive for fish, lily pads float by, all movements that are set to the sounds of bird calls and water ripples.

The best part is the installation is made from 40 wooden pallets and 60 old computer screens, all recycled from the trash of the Bloomberg office itself!

Have you taken your Pond break today?

+ Raw Edges

Photos ©Raw Edges