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Avitzur collects the brass, bronze and copper objects by visiting scrap metal yards, construction sites, marine salvage yards, swap meets, and even through garbage picking. Each piece is then cleaned, disassembled and polished to its former pristine condition.  Avitzur finds inspiration in the now obsolete machines and their parts, taking delight in reusing vintage vacuum cleaners, floor polishers, kitchen appliances and lab equipment from days past.

Each robot the artist designs is inspired by science fiction, mythology and comic books. The resulting sculptures each bear their own personality, fit together with the perfect assemblage of salvaged parts. Sometimes a piece will lay unfinished until Avitzur finds the perfect piece to complete it.

The repurposed metal scrap pieces are at once recognizable as robots, but upon closer inspection, the viewer slowly makes out the components that make up the robot’s head, legs and body. Heads are made from safety lights, vintage microphones, ceiling sprinklers and doll heads. Bodies bring back old devices like compasses, electric meters and breaker boxes. Avitzur installs colored LEDs to give each robot a blinking personality.

The upcycled robots can be bought on Avitzur’s website, and make a perfect gift for the science fiction art lover in your life.

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