The Daily Chair is an inspiring design from Israeli Tal Gur, which turns day-old newspapers into an upcycled, functional chair. Having made its debut at Milan Design Week, the futuristic-looking chair is constructed with a wire mesh frame and covered with the pulp of newspapers. The chair was the centerpiece of the Promisedesign exhibition, a collection that showcased innovative Israeli designers.

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Using a technique beloved by children around the world, Gur used papier-mache to form and smooth the used newspapers. A metal frame, with a design that is hollow at the seat, fans out to create the seat back. Gur shredded the paper to a pulp, and mixed it with glue to create the chair’s sturdy base and support. All of the newspaper’s printing has been reduced to a rough and natural texturized look, with nary a word or halftone to be discerned.

The recycled chair is eco-friendly, lightweight and affordable. Used newspapers are abundant, and designers have taken to upcycling them into many great designs.

Tal Gur is known as one of Israel’s premier plastic light designers, creating delicate designs from molded plastics, rice papers. He also has a line of other sustainable material chairs made of rattan and other materials.

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