Atmospheric Water Systems of San Luis Obispo has released their Dewpointe® Atmospheric Generator, a device that taps humidity in the air to provide a steady source of clean drinking water. The unit is about the same size as a standard water cooler (44.5″ tall), has on-demand hot water, is CE and WQA certified, runs quietly, and is capable of producing enough drinking water for an entire household even in desert climates (maybe)!

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For about $1595.00 any home or office can have access to the 3.1 quadrillion gallons (a fair amount) of water in the atmosphere. The device first filters the air and then the water is filtered again before leaving the spigot and entering your cup. Because the source is the air, the many heavy metals, pesticides, toxics, pharmaceuticals and microorganisms that are rife in our reservoirs and even in bottled water are a suddenly a non-issue.

In optimum conditions (70º F and 50% humidity) the Dewpointe® will easily pump out the maximum 8.4 gallons a day.  In other conditions production may drop off.

Hook one of these badboys up to some solar panels and viola, you’ve got an instant well. A lot of the products we review on Inhabitat are still in the testing or development phases, but they still get us excited. When something really innovative and special comes along and it is ready to buy, we get stoked! The units have hit the streets and are already hosting water cooler conversations in offices around the world.

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