While the holidays are definitely filled with great joy, year-end festivities can also have a slightly grimmer side. According to the Clean Air Council, an additional 5 million tons of waste is generated during the holidays in the US, four million tons of which is attributable to wrapping paper and shopping bags. If you’re looking for alternatives to tinsel, foil paper, and double-wrapping this year, TapeSwell‘s new holiday tapes offer both a practical and very pretty solution.

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Designed by Eileen Eisele, a professional stylist who got tired of boring, ugly brown, or clear packing tape, TapeSwell’s concept is simple. Re-use boxes and other packaging time and time again by simply giving them a decorative make-over with colorful printed packing tape. A simple white box adorned with TapeSwell’s holiday tape is ready to slip under the tree, no wrapping paper necessary. Better yet, the standard 2″ tape conforms with US Postal Service packing tape standards. This means that not only will your packages be a whole lot prettier than the rest, they can be mailed and placed directly under the tree, avoiding wasteful double-wrapping.

While the tape itself may not be crafted out of eco-friendly materials (yet), TapeSwell definitely makes it easier for consumers to reduce, reuse, and recycle without sacrificing the excitement and beauty of pretty presents. Check out their blog for more decorative packaging tips and info on other pretty and practical products.

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