Backyard Agrarian, a consultancy and resource focused on sustainable living, has released TareWare – a set of colorful food labels that allow consumers to turn used containers into reusable “unpackaging” for purchasing bulk foods.

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TareWare is a novel concept, but not that hard to understand: Just place a TareWare label on an empty container, weigh the container at home or at the store, and mark the weight (or “tare”) of the container on the label with a marker. Then just use the container to fill up at any store that allows you to purchase in bulk, such as Whole Foods, a food co-op, or a natural foods store. I didn’t know this, but these days the scales in food stores have a “tare” button that automatically adjusts for the weight of the container when weighing bulk foods — making this a no-sweat process.

TareWare labels cost $1.50 each or $3.50 for four at Backyard Agrarian’s online store.

+ Backyard Agrarian