Canadian designer Tat Chao gives old, damaged and unwanted wine glasses a new life as energy-efficient LED lamps! Chao detaches the bases from wine glasses and champagne flutes and joins them to create his beautiful Bipolar Lamps, which look like floating icicles.

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The Bipolar collection was inspired by the candleholders the artist crafted for his In Vitro series. Chao collected his glassware via donations or second-hand shops before working on the project in Montreal, Canada. Two wine glasses (or champagne flutes) with detached bases are joined together at their drinking ends using a special glass adhesive. and connected using an anodized aluminum ring that holds a strip of LED lights.

According to Chao, these minimalist lamps signify the “rebirth of the rejected, the out of style, the damaged.” To stay completely true to the no-waste concept, the artist made sure the bases found their use too-they were transformed into spinning tops and yo-yos. We found these gorgeous lamps at Wanted Design 2013 which runs until May 20th at New York Design Week.

+ Tat Chao

Photos by Mike Chino for Inhabitat