Tiny Indian cars are adorable and we’ve just found two more that tickle our fancy: The Tata Magic Iris and Ace Zip. These micro trucks are miniature, green and¬†inexpensive, and have been billed in their press release as being designed for “deep penetration goods movement.” With twelve-inch micro tires, a body mercifully made of safe steel, a tiny turning radius of 3.5 meters, a 611-cc water-cooled engine, and 11 horsepower, you really can’t guzzle gas on that level of performance. So what is it that these cars¬†do, again?


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That’s a detail the press release failed to include, but we do know that the Ace Zip pickup truck’s payload is 600 kg. The covered Magic Iris is designed to be a 3-4 seater, though you’d need a southern Indian climate to want to ride in the back of a pickup covered in canvas. The Ace Zip also comes with “a sleek steering wheel, comfortable seats and a roomy cabin, ensuring that the driver has a fatigue free experience, resulting in higher productivity and a significantly superior earning opportunity for the operator.” (awesome – so it will make you rich, too) Both trucks come with a 36,000-km or 12-month warranty.

Will you be picking one up? We kind of want to buy one just to enjoy its cheerful face, and to see if it can drive up a hill.

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Via Paul Tan