The Tata Group has signed a deal with the founder of SunCatalytix, MIT scientist Daniel Nocera, who has discovered how to generate energy water. Although the terms of their agreement have not yet been disclosed, this breakthrough technology could bring power to as many as three billion people worldwide. What’s more, Nocera’s technology generates energy more efficiently than solar panels, according to the folks at Fast Company.

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Nocera and his team discovered recently that an artificial cobalt and phosphate coated silicon leaf placed into a jar of water generates power. Similar to photosynthesis, this process splits hydrogen from the two oxygen molecules in water to create power from the sun.

One and a half bottles of water, including wastewater, can power a small house, and a swimming pool filled with water refreshed once a day will generate enough energy to run a plant. Although in preliminary testing stages, Nocera and TATA envision that this technology could improve the standard of living for billions of people. One small caveat from us: often places that are short on electricity are also short on water. Being just 45 days old, the TATA/MIT team still has a ways to go to get this incredible technology off the ground.

Via Fast Company