TATA Motors first turned heads when they introduced the MDI compressed air car to the Indian market. Now the major auto manufacturer has announced that it will be will be bringing an all-electric vehicle to the masses with their new Indica EV. The hatchback will be able to travel 125 miles on a single 8 hour charge.

The Indica EV will be powered by lithium ion batteries and will join 5 other electric vehicle prototypes that Tata Motors plans to release over the coming years. Currently at the production stage, the hatchback will be debuting next year in Norway because of concerns over India’s energy infrastructure. Tata Motor’s managing director, Ravi Kant has stated:

“Norway has the necessary infrastructure in place to run electric cars which India lacks.” “Right now we want to test it out in Norway with the Norwegian party. Because, you know, lot of infrastructure is required for electric vehicles and … in Norway, they are making arrangements for electric cars.”

If successful in Norway, TATA expects to bring the Indica EV to India in 2010.

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