The Tata Nano, a four-passenger city car developed and sold in India, has become famous for being the world’s cheapest car. At just $2,200 a pop, the Nano has also gained a reputation for its fuel efficiency (51.7 mpg). And while a compressed air version of the Nano has long been rumored to be in the works, Tata chairman Ratan Tata has just announced that a hybrid version could eventually hit the streets. If all goes according to plan, the ultra-cheap hybrid stands to shatter the economic barrier to getting greener vehicles on the roads.

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Tata hasn’t provided any details, but a hybrid version of its car could bring hybrid vehicles to an entirely new group of people: bargain hunters. Ultimately, Tata also plans on building an electric version of the Nano, dubbed E-Nano.

Of course, a hybrid version is likely to come on the market before a full-on electric car, but even the regular Nano won’t go on sale in Europe until 2011. U.S. sales are expected to begin soon after. So stay tuned — an ultra-cheap hybrid may be in your future!

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