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Andalucia, Madrid, Solar Decathlon, sustainable design, prefabricated construction, solar power, photovoltaics, ceramics, electrical vehicle, cavity wall cooling

Four Andalucian Universities used their combined talents to design and construct the Patio 2.12 entry for the European Solar Decathlon. The delightful courtyard at its center creates a very relaxing and habitable environment, as well as acting as the point at which the other modules join together. The prefabricated design of the structure allows for a large amount of input into the final design prior to construction from architects and clients alike. And as proven at the Villa Solar, it can be completed in under two weeks.

As the building sits on a plinth as oppose to standard foundation, this opens up further possibilites as atemporary structure on work sites, schools or even disaster zones. When dismantled, the structure would leave no lasting footprint which is a plus in terms of the Cradle to Cradle it embodies.

As the teams have been awarded points for four out of the ten events making up the Decathlon thus far, this construction sits in third place overall. Our coverage from the Villa Solar will continue through the week, so keep checking back to see how the competition progresses!

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