Team Steam USA and Cyclone Power Technologies just unveiled a space age steam-powered vehicle that is contending for the title of “Fastest Steam Car on Earth”. The streamlined USLSR car will test Cyclone’s innovative new engine later this year as it attempts to shatter the current steam powered vehicle record held by Britain’s “Team Inspiration”. The eco-friendly car needs to beat the speed of 148.308 mph to set a new record.

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Designed by Chuk Williams and Cyclone, the vehicle can run on any number of fuels, including 100% biofuel. The Cyclone engine is similar to engines in popular cars and trucks, yet can run more efficiently and much cleaner than regular cars.

The USLSR is 21 feet long and weighs in at 1600 lbs. The Cyclone engine uses water as a lubricant and working fluid to produce steam, which runs the engine at a higher output then traditional engines. Its versatility enables it to be run on virtually any fuel. Biofuels reduce greenhouse emissions, are more efficient, and curb dependency on foreign oil.

Williams hopes that he can bring the fastest steam car title back to the United States in a vehicle run entirely on US-produced fuel. The team anticipates the vehicle to reach and surpass a speed of 160 mph.

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