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This isn’t your average LEGO sculpture built from a kit. To recreate the massive and intricate Kingdom of Erebor, Baer and Bittner had to draw on all their knowledge of the story, as well as their impressive command of LEGO as building material. The finished product required nearly 80,000 bricks and weighs a whopping 200 lbs. Despite standing at just 56″ high, even the smallest dwarf would still have trouble fitting through the front gate.

The Kingdom of Erebor sculpture features statues, walking paths, a waterfall, rocky cliffs, a moat, a windmill, small town and market square. Figurines included are positioned in life-like poses, conducting trades in the village or crossing the bridge to approach the castle.

All told, the LEGO sculpture took the teens 400 hours to complete. See more pictures of the LEGO Kingdom of Erebor on Flickr.

Via HuffPost

All images used with permission from Blake Baer