The groundbreaking Telexitstance Robot Telesar V from researchers at Japan’s Keio University could bring us a step closer to a real out of body experience. The creators of Telesar V claim that the robot avatar can not only accurately mimic the movements of its operator, but also transmit back sensory experience to the user. Wearing a headset with virtual reality goggles, the user can see and hear what the robot ‘experiences’, and through a pair of sensor equipped gloves feel the shape and temperature of objects Telesar V touches or picks up.

While Telexistance technology may seem fantastical, its aim to “free people from time and space constraints” could have revolutionary applications for conducting precise work in critical situations such as those encountered in the wake of last year’s Fukushima Disaster.

The research which led to the development of Telesar V is led by Professor Susumu Tachi, who first proposed the concept of Telexistance in 1980, while working on a robot guide dog. The researchers have come a long way from their initial models some 20 years ago. While they still hope to advance to greater levels of human precision in the robot’s movement, it already boasts the same degree of freedom in it’s arms as a human has, and close to human levels of dexterity in its hands and can presently recognize surface unevenness as fine as the top of a LEGO block. Check out this video from of Telesar V in action!

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