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A folded-plate old-growth redwood ceiling unifies the interior of the home and extends beyond the exterior walls to create a sheltered space outside the home. The cantilevered roof helps to shield the sun to reduce cooling needs.

The architects only used the same four materials that were used in the original construction of the home: old-growth redwood, hard-cast concrete, custom Basalite blocks, glass panels and stainless steel. They also honored the original floorpan of the home, but provided better circulation patterns for modern needs.

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The home maintains an open, airy feel by embracing 120-degree angles throughout the space. In fact, there isn’t a single 90-degree angle in the entire residence. Floor-to-ceiling windows further contribute to the feel of openness.

The original home was designed by Jack Hillmer but it was never completed until MAP took over the renovation last year.


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