If you’re bummed that you missed yesterday’s National Call-In Day on Clean Energy & Climate Legislation, there’s still time to let your voice be heard. Reach out to your Senator by the end of this week to request that he or she vote for clean energy and climate legislation to protect our future! A climate action organization called 1Sky is leading the charge and making it super simple to call your Senators. Why not just send an email? Calls are actually much more effective in sending your representative the message that you support clean energy, action on emissions reductions, and green jobs. Read on for more details and instructions on how to call your Senator.

Now that action and legislation is nearing closure for health care reform, it’s time to get down to business on climate legislation. 1Sky and a coalition of groups (Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Alliance for Climate Protection, Rock the Vote and more) are pushing hard for the government to create legislation that would set hard targets for emissions reduction. 1Sky provides a number of talking points that you can use to help express your opinion to your Senator’s office.

Most notably, they’re asking you to vote “NO” on Senator Lisa Murkowski’s (R-AK) amendment that would take away the ability to use the Clean Air Act to crack down on dirty coal plants. The vote is scheduled for January 20th, and we need to make it known that the public supports the EPA’s power to regulate greenhouse gases. You should also take this opportunity to express your opinion however else you see fit, like support for green jobs and clean energy funding, tax credits for energy efficiency, increased fuel efficiency, and improved green building standards.

1Sky makes it incredibly easy to make the call with an automated process. Simply enter your name, email, phone number and address, and 1Sky will list your senators. Then click “Call Now” and the 1Sky system will  call your phone and automatically connect you to the appropriate senators office. When you’re connected, just state your name and location, then fire away with your talking points. It’s as simple as that and should take you less than 10 minutes. Remember a call is worth so much more than an email so call TODAY and make your voice heard!

+ 1Sky Call-In Instructions and Talking Points