Summer is coming and we can’t wait to gocamping! However, those freezing nights and hot mornings can suck the fun out of the experience and make the most adventurous people grumpy. Irish firm Thermo Tent designs well-insulated camping tents that maintain constant internal temperatures and muffle noise transfer from the outside, as well as the inside. The technology they use reduces the spikes in temperature which usually occur with regular tents, making the camping experience more fun for everyone.

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Thermo Tent uses groundbreaking technology to thermally isolate the space within the fabric. The firm has combined this innovative technology with their new multi-layer tent design, creating a thermally and acoustically well-insulated tent. The inner sleeping compartment can also be bought separately and retrofitted to most existing six-person tunnel tents.

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The tent has its own lightweight fiberglass frame so it can stand alone, and can also clip onto existing flysheets. Thermo Tent Inner also has built-in vents, windows, and doors, complete with insect mesh. The firm is launching a Kickstarter campaign this week as the first step in bringing their design “from Base Camp on Everest to the depths of the African jungle”.

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