We have officially entered the last month of summer and heat waves are just about to get hotter. According to the  National Weather Service, Southern and Northern California will experience excessive and long heat waves that are likely to rise to triple digits.

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Dry weather will dominate the southern region near Los Angeles, which will help spread the heat wave to the north near the San Francisco Bay Area. According to David Sweet, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service, the high temperatures expected could lead to a rise in heat-related illnesses. Conditions such as hypothermia, heat stroke and heat cramps can lead to death in situations where the patient was found unprepared. When temperatures soar, people are advised to dress lightly and eat foods that are not heat-generating to the body. This helps reduce the impact of heat waves on individuals.

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“A large dome of hot air will be sitting over Southern and Central California,” said Sweet in a statement. “The immediate coast will be the coolest with temperatures in the upper 70s to mid-80s. There will be an elevated fire danger, but no winds.” 

Furthermore, it is expected in the Sacramento Valley to reach 112 degrees Fahrenheit by Sunday. One of the most dangerous weather conditions for Americans is not national disasters such as tornadoes or floods, as you might think. The heat kills more people annually. Earlier in the summer, European countries experienced record-high heat waves and extreme droughts.

There is now more risk of wildfires, along with combatting everything else that comes with excessive heat.

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