Unveiled for Queima das Fitas do Porto festival in Portugal, the BLUETUBE BAR uses TUBE-IT, a construction system that uses standard corrugated plastic tubes and plastic clamps. Designed by Dose Architecture, the temporary bar measures 10 x 10 x16 feet and (due to its translucent qualities) glows at night. The structure has a beguiling, shaggy look to it thanks to the plastic ties and all of the materials can be reused in another project thanks to their flexible nature.

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Versatile by nature, the blue corrugated plastic tubes wrap around a wooden structure in no time. The plastic clamps hold the tubes together while providing the BLUETUBE BAR with a textured and spiky aesthetic. BLUETUBE BAR is just a small example of how we can save resources, money and time but using standard materials, even if they were not designed for that particular purpose.

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