Eindhoven Design Academy Graduate Joscha Weiand is the brains behind Hangout, a neat semi-permanent shelter that incorporates a practical tent with creature comforts. The cozy space was designed to help support the masses of tourists that flood into Eindhoven for festivals hosted in the city. The humble space is constructed from a simple tarpaulin stretched between two wooden facades, yet still manages to incorporate a door, a window, and a useful ladder within the structure, making it feel all the more like home.

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The ladder takes you up to a net which hangs across the entire design to double as either a hammock or a storage area. On the other side of the ‘house’ a cute window hosts a built-in table that tucks away or can extend outside. The cool design hasn’t had its official launch yet—it will be exhibited at Dutch Design Week from October 20 through 28.

+ Joscha Weiand

Images courtesy of Joscha Weiand