Artist Sipho Mabona has taken origami to the next level by creating a life-sized paper elephant! The oversized animal was folded from one single, albeit giant, piece of paper. Mabona raised the $26,000 through a successful Indiegogo campaign to create the origami masterpiece, which is now on display in the museum KKLB in Beromunster, Switzerland.

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We’ve seen impressive figures folded from sheets of paper before, but this grandiose piece of origami takes the cake! Mabona is a professional origami artist who decided to challenge his origami skills, and show the public that there is no limit to what can be made from an uncut square piece of paper. The giant elephant is made from a sheet measuring 50 by 50 feet, which was laid out on the museum floor. Mabona worked with three assistants and a dozen helpers over a period of four weeks to fold the white elephant.

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Making the giant elephant was a feat of strength – it took ten helpers to lift and fold the paper at times. Funders could watch the whole process live via two web cameras installed in the museum. The paper elephant now stands ten feet high, and it’s on display in its own gallery at the KKLB.

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