Forget about soggy sleeping bags and competing with rocks and debris on the cold, hard ground on your next camping trip – Inhabitat favorite Tentsile just launched a brand new suspended tent called the Stingray that lets you rest high up in the trees! Designed for three-season use, the 13 lb tent accommodates three to four people plus their gear.  Using only two poles inserted into a polyester fly sheet and a set of tree straps, the arched Stingray can be set assembled in about five minutes. The interior is accessible through a floor hatch or side door via a collapsible ladder.

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Resembling a giant sea creature, the Stingray is the latest design from UK-based Tentsile. Due to overwhelming interest over in flagship Spider model, the company was inspired to expand their line of hand-made, bespoke shelters into a product for the mass market. The Stingray is outfitted with a reinforced floor and three large hammock sleeping areas. Other features include drink holders, luggage nets, phone pockets, and tablet pouches.

In addition to offering a new way to experience the outdoors, Tentsile tents have the advantage of separating sleepers from insects and predators. The shelter can be suspended almost anywhere there are trees or a structural framework, so it could also provide accommodations in areas impacted by natural disasters. The makers have already been contacted by the Australian military, the UN, and Greenpeace.

Tentsile is currently in conversation with several manufacturers to produce the Stingray on a larger scale and they hope to roll out their first units by March of this year. Can’t wait? The first Stingrays are available in limited numbers through Kickstarter at a beginning pledge of £899.

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