Despite the stereotypes, “eco-friendly footwear” doesn’t have to mean hemp sandals or Birkenstocks. British shoe company Terra Plana has been putting its own unique stamp on eco-friendly style since 2001, with their quirky shoes made from environmentally sustainable materials like recycled rubber, vegetable tanned leathers, and recycled Pakistani quilts.

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Terra Plana was initially founded in 1989 in Holland by sculptor Charles Bergman. The shoe designs caught the eye of Clark’s, which eventually invested in the company. Galahad Clark joined the Terra Plana team as Joint Managing Director in 2001 and their eco-friendly shoes have been making headlines ever since.

In 2004, Terra Plana met up with Anti-Apathy and the following year Worn Again was born. Worn Again creates new trainers from recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. They aim to improve social, economic and environmental conditions in regions where they operate, building a profitable business with the coolest recycled shoes around. + Terra Plana