If you’ve ever tried to recycle a used computer, you know how tough it can be to find someone to take your old electronics. Many people don’t even realize that recycling is an option — as a result, 80-85% of used electronic products end up in landfills or incinerators, where they release toxic waste into the environment. Terracyle is working to keep electronic waste out of the environment by transforming used circuit boards into stylish and sturdy clipboards — making this one of our picks for our 2013 Back To School Contest.

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If you like the circuit board look, Terracycle also makes recycled clocks, picture frames, and drink coasters. But electronics aren’t the only “trash” Terracycle is transforming into everyday objects. They also recycle chip bags, toothbrushes, drink pouches, and more. Check out their school supplies page to see their upcycled backpacks, notebooks, and binders. You can also donate non-recyclable waste from your used products to be made into attractive and functional household products.

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