Tesla has shaken up the automotive industry with its new Model S sedan’s electric driving range and overall performance, but one area that the automaker hasn’t explored is self driving cars – yet. Tesla is reportedly hard at work on new technology that could lead to the release of an autonomous car within the next three years.

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Tesla recently posted a position on its Careers page for an Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Controls Engineer. The person that receives the position will be “responsible for developing vehicle-level decision-making and lateral and longitudinal control strategies for Tesla’s effort to pioneer fully automated driving.”

Tesla’s fully electric Model S sedan lacks many of the driver assistance features of other luxury vehicles, like adaptive cruise control and lane departure warnings. Those systems use cameras and radar systems to keep the car in its intended lane and within a safe distance from other cars in front of it. The technology is already being used by Acura, Infiniti and Mercedes-Benz to give drivers special semi-autonomous driving modes.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Tesla’s goal is to produce a car that is capable of running on auto-pilot within the next three years. Tesla’s goal is ahead of other automakers like Nissan, who expects to release an autonomous car by 2020.

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