Tesla is on a bit of a roll these days. Not only did the electric car company pay back its loan to the federal government nine years early, but it also just announced plans to triple its car charging network by the end of June. That means that any Tesla owner will be able to juice up (for free) in one of dozens of stations along the coasts by the end of next month. And if all goes according to plan, the network will be expanded to over 100 stations by 2015.

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Tesla supercharging stations provide quick power to any Tesla vehicle, charing the battery halfway in just 30 minutes, and many of them are powered by on-site solar energy. Right now there are nine charging stations — six in California and three between Boston and Washington, D.C. That means that, unlike many other electric vehicles, Teslas can actually be used for long-distance trips. By the time the network reaches 100 stations, Tesla claims that you will be able to drive from California to New York City solely using Supercharging stations.

To help take advantage of all the new stations, the vehicle’s mapping system will be updated to include real-time tracking of charging stations along your route. Currently, the largest Tesla battery can hold enough charge to run for 300 miles. Between that and the expanded charging network, Tesla is answering concerns about electric vehicle practicality, particularly for those who want to drive outside of city limits.  Though it wasn’t the focus of the conference, CEO Elon Musk also mentioned plans for a more affordable Tesla model, something he has discussed in the past. And after that? World domination.

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via Fast Company