The world is eagerly awaiting Tesla’s mass-market Model 3 and although we’ve yet to see the $35,000 electric car, Tesla has just revealed that it will be offered in more than one body style. During a recent conference in Washington, Tesla Motors Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel said Tesla wants the Model 3 to actually be a family of vehicles, which will be available in both sedan and crossover versions.

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The Model 3 is expected to arrive in 2017 and when it does, it is destined to take Tesla from a niche automaker to the big time thanks to its 200-mile range and $35k target price. The Model 3’s range won’t be much less than the Model S, but its much lower price will make it more accessible. Other than revealing its driving range and target price, Tesla hasn’t revealed much else about the Model 3. This is also the first time that we’re hearing plans for a crossover utility version.

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Before the Model 3 arrives, the long awaited Model X crossover will finally be delivered by the end of the year. Adding a second crossover to its lineup is a no brainer, due to the popularity of SUVs and CUVs. The Model 3 crossover would also give Tesla another competitor to the growing number of electrified SUVs scheduled to hit the market over the next few years.

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