In its latest bid to make electric car charging stations available everywhere, Tesla is partnering with Airbnb to provide at least 100 free charging stations to eligible hosts. The program is kicking off in California, one of Tesla’s biggest markets. According to the Airbnb website, the program will expand “to select homes across the globe” with the goal of helping “the Tesla community feel more at home when they’re on the road”.

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Hosts on the home-sharing startup can apply for a free charging station if they have already had five or more bookings and an overall rating for four or more stars. Tesla will select from the pool of properties and supply at least 100 chargers to Airbnb locations. Hosts, however, will need to shell out for the installation fee, which can range from $200 to $900. A single night’s charge will add to the bill, costing another $10 in electricity. The properties will be placed on Airbnb’s curated list of EV-friendly sites, so the costs may be offset through new business for the Airbnb properties.

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Tesla has long been committed to reducing range anxiety for prospective electric car buyers. They recently released a software upgrade that includes Range Assurance, a system by which the car communicates with nearby chargers and gives the driver a warning if they stray too far out of range. They also introduced Trip Planner, which uses navigation to automatically route through Tesla’s network of chargers. These features, added to Tesla’s growing network of supercharger locations, bringing convenient charging within reach for most US drivers.

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