Things at Tesla keeping getting bigger and better. On the evening of April 30, CEO Elon Musk announced details of their Powerwall home battery system, and earlier the same day another, quieter announcement also went out, which falls into the “better” category. Tesla has decided to go into the business of selling “certified pre-owned” vehicles—specifically the Model S EV. This will help get people behind the wheel of a Tesla car who probably couldn’t otherwise afford one, while easing the selling process for those looking to avoid the hassles of a private sale. Tesla’s pre-owned vehicle search page allows car shoppers to filter by geographical location, model, and color to find their next ride, which will come with a 4-year, 50,000-mile limited warranty. The setup is so slick, in fact, that you can “buy” your new Tesla right online, with a $1,000 deposit. In news of the “bigger” variety, Musk also let the world know, via Twitter, that the new Roadster battery would be “likely available in August” of this year. The battery is and it’ll offer 31 percent more power than the current model (70kWh vs. 53kWh). As summer heats up, so will news from Tesla, both on and off the road.

Via Treehugger

Image via Tesla Motors