Summer is almost here, and thousands of US travelers are gearing up for the great American tradition of road tripping across the States. But what if those trips could be taken by electric cars instead of pollution-spewing gas vehicles? Norman Hajjar is setting out to prove once and for all that electric cars can go the distance by driving a Tesla Model S on a record-breaking 12,000-mile trip across the USA!

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The trip is sponsored by electric vehicle software and information services company Recargo Inc., and Norman Hajjar is the Managing Director of its driver research division. As of yesterday Norman had reached Florida, and he’s currently making his way back to the West Coast. The 18-day 12,000-mile journey is set to span the four corners of the lower 48 states: Washington, Maine, Florida, and California, ending at Recargo’s offices in Venice, California.

Before the arrival of the Tesla Model S, electric cars were hampered by low driving ranges and slow charging times. The Tesla Model S has a 250+ mile range, and thanks to Tesla’s nationwide “Supercharger” charging network, the Model S’s battery can be recharged in under 30 minutes.

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“We’re attempting this record-breaking journey to illustrate a historic point: With a robust network of fast charging locations, you can drive an electric car wherever you want without using a drop of gasoline,” explained Brian Kariger, CEO of Recargo. “Daily commutes and cross-country trips alike are now made better by driving electric.”

The trip is also an attempt to show how the public needs more access to “fast chargers,” which would make it easier for EV drivers to keep their electric cars on the road. “We’ve conducted studies of thousands of EV drivers, and it’s clear they want to be able to fuel with the same quick ‘pit-stop practicality’ that gas car drivers enjoy at service stations. Give them that, and we believe the category will truly blossom,” Norman Hajjar stated.

You can continue to follow along on Norman’s trip via live updates from the road at

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