The Tesla Model S has only been on sale in Norway for less than a year, but the electric car has already broken a 28-year-old monthly sales record. Last month Tesla sold 1,493 Model S sedans in Norway, outselling every other vehicle in the country.

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The sales record was originally set by the Ford Sierra. Last month the Model S sedan sales were almost double the number two best-selling car, the VW Golf, of which only 624 units sold. March also marked the second month in a row that an electric vehicle took home the best-selling crown with the Nissan Leaf being the best-selling vehicle in February.

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Norway’s population is quite small at only 5.1 million people, but it is quickly becoming one of the top electric car markets in the world with about one in 100 cars in the country being electric. The country offers many incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles, such as a large recharging network and free parking for EVs. Last year Tesla also installed enough Supercharger stations to give 90 percent of the country’s population access to their fast and free charging network.

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Via The Wall Street Journal