It’s been a great year so far for Tesla – the electric automaker paid back its federal loan a full 9 years early, it announced plans to triple its supercharger stations, and it scooped the green car of the year award. Now CEO Elon Musk has announced plans to follow up on the company’s success with two additional vehicles – a small SUV and a lower-priced sedan that will hit the streets as early as 2015.

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Currently the car company is focused on producing the Model S sedan and the Model X, a crossover SUV that will go into production next year. “In about three to four years, that’s when we aspire to bring into production a sedan that’s about half the price of the Model S, and then shortly thereafter a small SUV as well,” says Musk. “These should be quite affordable. The price would be on the order of $35,000.” Tesla has been in the news lately after posting its first profit in the company’s 10-years and promptly paying off its federal loan nine years early.

Via Bloomberg

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