Since bursting into the car market in 2007, Tesla Motors has produced some of the world’s hottest electric sports cars — and now it seems they are setting their sights even higher with plans to produce an electric sports utility vehicle. Company CEO Elon Musk recently announced that the auto manufacturer is “super optimistic” about creating an electric SUV. The ev, currently dubbed the Tesla Model X, is reportedly ready to hit the production lines and could be released to market in about four years.

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Tesla believes that a concept Model X could be produced later this year and released within four years, which would give the company plenty of time to build brand recognition and interest after the release of their Model S sedan. But what can we expect from an electric SUV in terms of features and performance? According to Musk, the Model X will be “cooler” than any of today’s gas-guzzlers and once it is released on the market it will cost around $30,000. The Model S, which is due to be released in late 2013 or 2013 will also feature an advanced battery that can be changed in under a minute.


Although smaller vehicles are certainly more efficient, a Tesla SUV would open the ev market to thousands of auto buyers interested in electric vehicles with additional cargo room.

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