If you have not yet heard of the battery powered Tesla Roadster, where have you been hiding your sustainable self? We are almost rendered speechless by the awesomeness factor of this amazing electric vehicle, which goes from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds, drives up to 250 miles per charge (which costs under $5) and comes with an aesthetic that not only competes with its luxury brethren – but leaves the stodgy non-electric models in the dust.

Founder Martin Eberhard enjoys driving and the environment, but was dismayed by the environmentalist view that you need to ride your bike everywhere or alternatively own an electric vehicle that, at best, might look like a souped up golf cart. Enter Elon Musk, the ultimate angel investor, and Eberhard’s idea quickly turned into a reality. The first production of 100 Roadsters sold out quickly with nary an advertisement. The $92,000 price tag includes your name engraved inside the vehicle among other benefits such as never having to pump gas. If the price tag is out of your budget, don’t fret. Tesla plans to introduce more affordable models with their technology in the coming years. With battery technology improving, gas prices rising and war lingering the next eco-documentary might be Who Resurrected the Electric Car?

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