American electric car company Tesla Motors opened an assembly plant last week in the Netherlands. The new Tilburg facility will serve as the final assembly and distribution point for Tesla Model S sales in Europe shipped across the Atlantic from the U.S. to the nearby port of Rotterdam. With Friday’s opening, customers from the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany were able to receive their new Model S vehicles (deliveries to Norway started earlier this month).

Tesla has already delivered over 15,000 vehicles to customers in 31 countries and with the opening of a plant in the Netherlands aims to substantially increase sales on the European continent. A Tesla spokesperson said in a statement that the car company plans to open around 15 new stores and service centers around Europe.

Elon Musk’s electric vehicle (EV) company recently posted a surprise second-quarter profit with net income increasing 70 percent over the previous quarter, causing shares to surge. Also, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the Model S with the highest safety score of any car in history.

But what about the enormous price tag that leaves Tesla cars out of reach for most people? Musk recently told CBS News that “I think we can produce an affordable long-range compelling electric car in about three to four years.”

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