Tesla’s new Supercharger network is a fast, free way for Model S drivers to quickly recharge their vehicles. Even though Tesla has announced plans to rapidly expand its network, CHAdeMO fast charging stations still outnumber it – so Tesla just unveiled a new CHAdeMO adapter for the Model S that gives drivers the ability to tap into the larger network.

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With a starting price of $1,000, the CHAdeMO adapter will give Model S drivers the ability to recharge their electric vehicles at over 3,073 fast-chargers in the world. Most of the chargers are in Japan, but there are almost 900 in Europe and just over 300 in the U.S. This compares to only about a dozen Tesla Supercharger stations currently in existence. The 50 kW CHAdeMO stations aren’t as fast as the Supercharger stations, but Tesla says that the charger will provide about 150 miles of range per one hour of charging.

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