Tesla just unveiled its bid to end electric vehicle range anxiety for good: A Model S software update that will make it “impossible” to stray too far from a charging station. The plan involves a two-pronged approach: the first is an application that communicates with Tesla’s Supercharger stations and warns if you are too far away from one to charge up. The second is a trip planning application, which will optimize your trip for convenient charging. Tesla is also working on a plan to enable autonomous driving.

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The new software update will hit cars in a few weeks and Model S drivers will be able to drive knowing that they are always within range of a charging station if needed. The app will constantly monitor the car’s position, remaining charge and the nearest charging station, which means that unless a driver chooses to stray too far, they will always be within range of a charging station. The trip planner, according to Musk, will guide drivers toward the “convenience inflection points” and ensures that long-distance trips are perfectly planned around charging opportunities.

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Musk also announced that auto-steering will be released in the near future, and will Model S owners will soon be able to “summon” their cars and send them back to the garage without having to be behind the wheel. Other additional autonomous driving features are in the works, but no specifics were released as of this announcement. CEO Elon Musk has said that non-self-driving cars will eventually be “outlawed.” Is Tesla getting ready for that day to come?

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