If you’re a Tesla owner with a habit of leaving your car at a Supercharger after it’s finished charging, be warned: effective immediately, the company is going to be fining drivers 40 cents for every extra minute you spend plugged in. The change comes after Tesla owners began complaining to company CEO Elon Musk over Twitter about owners using the charging station as parking spots, rather than quickly moving on to allow other owners their turn.

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That’s not to say owners will have to be paranoid about watching the clock – they’ll have five minutes after charging is finished to disconnect and move their cars. The new fine is meant to discourage drivers who’ve made a habit of leaving their electric vehicles hooked up at Supercharger spots for hours at a time. The company insists it’s purely a measure intended to increase customer happiness, and not to line Tesla’s pockets.

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While that may sound disingenuous, there may be some truth to the statement. Soon after the initial announcement, Elon Musk has taken again to Twitter to clarify additional details. The fine, he writes, will only be in place on days when the bays are crowded. If there are plenty of open spots available for cars to come and go, drivers will not be charged.

Via The Verge

Images via Wikimedia Commons and Steve Jurvetson