For the second year in a row, electric vehicle-maker Tesla has bested all competitors in the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally, throwing more doubt on Top Gear’s claims of low range for its electric roadster. Former F1 driver Eric Comas drove the Arctic White Roadster to victory, also driving the car more than 800 km to win the Electric Vehicle Cup. Read on to learn what it takes to win this grueling race.

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The Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally follows some of the historic roads of the original Monte Carlo rally and passes over the Col du Corobin, a 1,230-meter pass that offers alternative energy vehicles the chance to prove they have stamina. The Tesla Roadster has a range of 212 miles, or 340 kilometers, but the car managed to pull out an extra 110 kilometers to win this race.

“Thanks to the incredible efficiency of the Roadster, on Saturday we were able to drive for more than 450 km. There is nothing on the road like it,” said Comas.

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