Tesla‘s massive Gigafactory 2 is officially producing Solar Roof tiles. The company moved photovoltaic production from its Fremont, California factory to Buffalo, New York last year, and officially began manufacturing the tiles in December.

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Tesla, Solar Roof, home, house, roof, roofing

Tesla is producing its photovoltaic glass tiles in Buffalo. We don’t yet know how many they have made, according to The Buffalo News, but the Solar Roofs are slated to be installed on customer roofs in upcoming months. Over a dozen Tesla employees, including Elon Musk, had the product installed on their houses during a pilot program last year.

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Tesla, Solar Roof, home, house, roof, roofing, glass

Tesla has said Solar Roofs could cost around 10 to 15 percent less than a regular roof equipped with traditional solar panels. Bloomberg New Energy Finance analyst Hugh Bromley isn’t so sure. He told Bloomberg he estimates a Tesla roof on a 2,000-square-foot house could cost around $57,000. Meanwhile terracotta tiles with a five-kilowatt solar panel system could cost around $41,000, according to Bromley, and an asphalt roof with solar panels would be around $22,000.

Tesla began taking orders for their Solar Roofs in May, but didn’t disclose how many they’d received.

The Buffalo News said the local region is counting on the Buffalo Gigafactory to bring in around 2,900 new jobs. Tesla said they’d create 1,460 jobs, and other suppliers and service providers could create 1,440 jobs in the region. Tesla says there are around 500 employees at the factory, but didn’t specify how many are working for them and how many for other companies like Panasonic, with whom Tesla is collaborating on solar products in Buffalo. According to The Buffalo News, Panasonic began manufacturing solar panels last summer at the site, and had said their workforce would top 300 there by the end of 2017, with plans to add 60 people during the spring.

Via Bloomberg, The Buffalo News, and Reuters

Images via Tesla