Tesla Motors has been very vocal about its Supercharger charging network that will soon be expanded throughout North America, Asia and Europe, but there’s another charging network that Tesla isn’t talking about. The automaker has quietly launched a new “Destination Charging” program that gives 106 restaurants, hotels and resorts high power wall chargers that are twice as powerful as typical EV chargers.

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The Destination Charging program is adding high-powered chargers to spots like the Post Ranch Inn, Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay and Meadowood in St Helena. The chargers are the same as those that Tesla owners can have installed in their homes and have the ability to add 58 miles of range to a Model S in an hour.

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By being able to charge the Tesla Model S twice as fast as a standard wall charger, Tesla’s Destination Charging program further decreases the typical range anxiety that EV drivers face. Unfortunately the chargers will only work with Tesla vehicles, but hopefully the program will prompt other automakers to install a similar solution for its electric vehicles.

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Via The Wall Street Journal