tweeted that orders for the highly anticipated tiles will begin this afternoon. He wrote, “Tesla solar glass roof orders open this afternoon. I think it will be great. More in about 10 hours …”

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Only two of the four possible tile styles are being made publicly available. According to a response Musk made to a question on Twitter, the tiles that can be pre-ordered are the black glass smooth and textured versions. The Tuscan and French slate versions will be available to order “in about six months,” he added.

Tesla enthusiasts around the world can get excited, for the product can be ordered “for almost any country,” according to the company’s CEO. Deployment (i.e. delivery and installation) has also been confirmed for this year in the U.S. and in 2018 for overseas orders.

No official price has yet been confirmed for the sought-after Tesla tiles. According to previous hints from the American automaker, however, the cost of its solar tiles is likely to be the same as the cost of an ordinary roof, in addition to the cost of electricity. Undoubtedly, this will be the biggest hurdle for many who seek to invest in the eco-friendly technology. More will be known in a few hours.

Why all the excitement? The solar roof tiles are capable of generating enough energy to fully power a household. Any excess power generated could be stored in Tesla’s Powerwall 2.0 battery units, ensuring a household has a backup energy source in case of demand spikes.

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Elon Musk, Tesla, Solar Roof, Solar Roof Tiles, Pre-Order, Solar,

One of the tiles consumers are looking forward to is the quartz solar roof tile, which was announced by Musk last fall. According to a series of tweets he made, the tiles are transparent to allow sunlight to penetrate the cells from above but appear opaque when viewed from a certain angle. Additionally, they have roughly equivalent efficiency of traditional solar power gathering cells. They are likely to become most popular because of their more traditional roofing aesthetic.

Musk has said of the tiles, “The solar roof consists of uniquely designed glass tiles that complement the aesthetics of any home, embedded with the highest efficiency photovoltaic cells. It is infinitely customizable for a variety of different home styles, each uniquely engineered so that the photovoltaic cells are invisible.

Tesla, Solar Roof, Solar Roof Tiles, Pre-Order, Solar,

He added, “We expect this to have two or three times the longevity of asphalt. It’s really never going to wear out. It’s got a quasi-infinite lifetime. It’s made of quartz”.

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