This morning Tesla Motors announced that their new Model S electric sedan will be powered by top of the line lithium-ion batteries provided by the Panasonic Corporation. The collaboration is part of Tesla’s drive to increase the production of Model S sedans while growing the electric vehicle industry. Over the next four years, Tesla and Panasonic will work together to provide over 80,00 electric vehicles with lithium-ion batteries – including 6,000 Model S vehicles from the 2012 lot.

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Panasonic has worked hard to nurture the electric vehicle industry over the past few years. In 2010 they invested $30 million in Tesla, and they have also developed a high quality battery cell that utilizes nickeltype cathode technology to yield the highest energy density and performance in its class.

Both Panasonic and Tesla anticipate that the partnership will not only foster the growth of the electric vehicle industry, but will also push the Tesla Model S to the forefront as a leader of sustainable mobility.

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