Last week Tesla officially unveiled its latest model, the Model X crossover. Four days after the automaker started taking reservations for the new electric crossover, Tesla has already received over 500 reservations (which translates into $40 million in sales), making it the fastest selling Tesla ever. When it was unveiled last Thursday at Tesla’s design studio in Southern California, traffic to increased 2,800 percent, and two-thirds of all visitors were new to the website.

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In order to reserve the Model X, buyers need to put down $5,000 for a regular production model or $40,000 for the Model X Signature. Deliveries of the limited-edition Model X Signature are expected to begin in late 2013, while the standard Model X deliveries will start in early 2014.

Just in case you missed the news last week, the Model X crossover shares its platform with the Model S sedan and has three rows of seats, with room for seven passengers. The Model X has a unique set of features – including Falcon Wing doors that open up and out-of-the-way, rather than out like traditional doors. Tesla states that the Model X has about the same exterior dimensions as the Audi Q7, but with 40% more interior room.

The Model X will be offered in three drivetrain configurations: rear-wheel-drive, dual motor all-wheel-drive, and a performance dual motor all-wheel-drive model. Tesla claims that the Model X Performance version will accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. Pricing is expected to start around $50,000 after the federal tax credit, and Tesla hopes to sell between 10,000 – 15,000 units per year.

The introduction of the Model X has also boosted interest in the Model S sedan. New Model S reservations following the Model X unveiling were up 30 percent.

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