This Tetris-shaped corporate office for India Glycols was designed to provide a first-class working environment that encourages employee socialization. Designed by Morphogenesis, it has a solid geometric exterior and an open fluid interior that is flooded with natural light. Interior courtyards, terraces and green roofs further enhance the usage of natural lighting, cooling and shading to create an efficient working environment.

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The Tetris-like stacking system creates a series of natural open interior spaces. Each is planted with trees and lush greenery, and organized into a variety of sitting areas, pools and serene places for employees to take breaks or have lunch under the shade of a tree. The stacking construction also creates elevated passages and subsequent shaded areas below them.

Aside from allowing India Glycols to maximize on natural lighting, the stacking design also helps harness solar heating and cooling. The trees and greenery in the courtyards, as well as terraces and green roofing provide thermal insulation. The water in the ground level pools evaporates and helps to cool the air that is naturally circulated around the space.

The resulting office complex is far from the traditional fluorescent-lit block of cubicles. Instead, the India Glycols office is a living campus, with breezy rest areas for employees to take a break from their busy work days.

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